Iowa Gas Tax

Politicians in Des Moines are at it again. Instead of trying to cut and prioritize spending, politicians are demanding an increase in the gasoline tax when our state has close to a $1 billion surplus.

But Iowans know this is exactly the wrong time and the wrong policy. Iowa families are struggling in this weak economy. Family budgets are stretched thin. Fathers and mothers must make tough budget decisions every day. Iowa families are taxed too much and send too much of their hard-earned dollars to Des Moines and Washington

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Iowa Flat Tax

Iowans deserve a simpler and fairer tax code. AFP supports a 4.5% flat-tax option for all taxpayers. Not a single Iowan will pay higher taxes under this system. The non-partisan Legislative Services Agency says close to 39 percent of taxpayers would chose a flat tax saving them close to $400 million.

Take Action: We Want Flat Tax

Iowa Property Taxes

Iowa must permanently reform its property tax system and bring cuts for all taxpayers. If we do not reform our property tax system, we will see a $2 billion tax increase over the next 8 years. Gov. Branstad's plan is exactly what Iowa needs to promote growth and bring more jobs to the state. This plan will not hurt local governments because Gov. Branstad will backfill any loss of local revenue. Gov. Branstad has a solid record of sound budgeting. He inherited a $1 billion budget deficit and has created nearly a $1 billion surplus.

Take Action: Iowa Property Taxes